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Avery Inkjet Addressing Labels 99.1x 67.7mm
Hi Distribution 1050W Halogen Heater Grey
Ambassador Postal Tubes 890x 76mm Diameter (Pack of 12)
Q Connect Rubber Bands Size 33 (454g Box)
Black n' Red by Elba - Buy any A4 Black n' Red Product and get a Free Sample!
Bankers Box by Fellowes Buy 2 packs and claim your FREE pack
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Laser Printers

Caboodle has a wide range of laser printers, to match your needs and budget, including colour printers, multifunction printers and mono printers.

Laser printers use a xerographic process to bond toner a fine plastic powder to sheets of paper. The toner is usually stored in large cartridges. The benefits of laser printers are:

Printing costs. Laser toner cartridges print far more sheets relative to their cost than inkjet cartridges. They are also less wasteful, as inkjet cartridges that aren't used often need to be cleaned, which consumes extra ink.
Print speed. Laser printers print very quickly once the printer is warmed up, pages are printed as fast as they can pass through the machine, with no waiting for ink to dry.
Text detail. Lasers are much better at printing fine details, such as very small fonts. Some high-quality inkjets are able to approach laser-quality text output, but not only are they more expensive, they must use more ink and take more time to produce those results.